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A Season of Rest

Posted on May 26, 2014 in Leadership, Worship Ministry | 2 comments

Y ou have my sincere apologies of the lack of recent worship blog posts. I believed I could carry right on through a major move and job transition without missing a beat. Turns out I’m not superhuman after all. And my brain has a limit to how many thoughts it can juggle at once! Moving from MO to LA–along with the necessary house-selling, house-hunting, account moving, address changing, state registering and on and on and on–well, it’s a lot to figure out. Add to that a...

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A New Day Has Dawned

Posted on May 5, 2014 in Leadership, Worship Ministry | 0 comments

A  few weeks ago, I shared about a new adventure I’d be embarking on. Officially, as of yesterday, that adventure has begun! Julie snapped this picture from my first sermon in “Duck Dynasty country”, HA! Don’t worry, I didn’t preach the whole sermon with that thing on…couldn’t have stood it! As to worship ministry. My new church, where I have the privilege of serving as pastor, doesn’t have a worship leader on staff but we have some very talented...

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The People Priority

Posted on Apr 28, 2014 in Leadership, Worship Ministry | 2 comments

Y esterday was a day to be remembered. A beautiful farewell to a church I’ve served for seven years. Would that all such ministry farewells were characterized by the kind of mutual love and respect we’ve experienced at LifeQuest Church! It struck me in the tear-stained aftermath that the most important part of worship ministry was made quite clear to me today, if I ever had any doubts. You see, what moved my heart today had very little to do with “successes” in the way...

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Your Team’s Outward Expression Does Matter!

Posted on Apr 21, 2014 in Leadership, Resources, Worship Ministry | 1 comment

I n a posting titled Why I Ask My Team to Be a Little Disingenuous, I managed to stir up a little bit of controversy amongst worship leaders over whether we should encourage our teams to work on their outward expressions of worship. Many feel this matter is between the team member and God and that anything “contrived” would be disingenuous. While I understand and can identify with that concern, I will continue to argue that the job of worship leaders is to lead people in every way...

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My Grand New Adventure

Posted on Apr 13, 2014 in Leadership, Worship Ministry | 4 comments

H ello Readers, This is more of a letter than a blog post but I wanted to let you know about a major new development in my life and ministry. I pray that reading about my journey will lead you to reflect on where God has taken you and where He might lead you in the future! First some history. I never planned to be a worship pastor. I didn’t plan to be in occupational ministry at all, really. I graduated from Mid-America Christian University with a Secondary Education degree and taught...

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All This Stuff about Worship & Millennials

Posted on Apr 7, 2014 in Leadership, Resources, Worship Ministry | 0 comments

It seems the blogosphere (and hence my Facebook wall) have been swarmed of late by members of the up & coming Millennial generation who want to inform church leaders how they should be “doing church” to attract “people like us.” Yes, I’m a member of said generation and, yes, this is yet another post on that subject. Only, I’m actually wanting to point you to the best, most reliable article I’ve found on the subject. But before I get to that,...

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Are You Rushing Your Church’s Response?

Posted on Mar 31, 2014 in Worship Ministry | 0 comments

The preacher closes his notes, says a prayer and walks off the stage. Then what? God’s Word has been read and your church has just been challenged–hopefully!–with how it applies to their life. So what happens then? I can tell you what used to happen at our church and what happens in many churches like ours: We sang a song and went home! No time to waste. Everything pointed to the sermon and when that was over, everything was over. And then I read the ol’ book written by...

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Product Review: New Pick Holder Solution

Posted on Mar 24, 2014 in Tools | 0 comments

It’s the bane of every guitar player’s existence: the infamous pick drop. Option A: Attack with a whirlwind of fingernails. Option B: Awkwardly bend down to get it. Option C: Buy one of those spare pick solutions that attach to a boom stand. And how about this dilemma: the need to fingerpick and strum on the same song. Option A: Turn that quarter rest into a whole rest to allow for picking up and setting down. Option B: Stash it between two fingers and survive with only 4 useable...

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