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Posted on May 26, 2014 in Leadership, Worship Ministry | 2 comments

A Season of Rest

ou have my sincere apologies of the lack of recent worship blog posts. I believed I could carry right on through a major move and job transition without missing a beat. Turns out I’m not superhuman after all. And my brain has a limit to how many thoughts it can juggle at once!


Moving from MO to LA–along with the necessary house-selling, house-hunting, account moving, address changing, state registering and on and on and on–well, it’s a lot to figure out. Add to that a brand new career, church, ministry, relationships, and so forth. Whew! So I haven’t been thinking much about worship ministry but will be again soon. In fact, I just had my first meeting with my new church’s worship leadership.

I have finally admitted to the obvious conclusion that a temporary break is needed from the blog. I need this summer to get my feet on the ground here in my new environment. I’ll actually be taking a bit of a rest from ministry this summer, anyhow, so it’s natural for this to be a part of that.

My church in Springfield, MO had generously given it’s staff a sabbatical. My two colleagues had taken their’s in the years prior to this and Summer 2014 was to be my turn! God interrupted my sabbatical planning process with the call to serve as senior pastor at Cypress Street Church of God. But the church here in West Monroe, LA was generously understanding of the fact that plans were very mature, tickets purchased, and reservations made. They have given me the opportunity to keep half of the original 8-week sabbatical that I had planned. So for 4 weeks I’ll immerse myself in the Rocky Mountains (my favorite place to be!) and read and rest and dream and pray and share time with family.

I don’t know what I did to be so blessed by congregations who go above and beyond in caring for their staff. I suppose I did nothing since that’s the nature of grace. I am thankful, to be sure!

So I’ll “see y’all soon” Blue Collar Worship Blog readers,

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  1. Neil, I did notice the quiet coming from your blog, but figured it was due to the attention you needed to give to all that is involved in this move. Have a great time of rest, relaxation, and renewing. Look forward to hearing from your blog when you return. Blessings and traveling mercies. John

    • Thanks, John! I truly appreciate your support and readership!

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