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Posted on May 18, 2013 in Featured Slider, Resources | 0 comments

Cross Backgrounds I Can’t Believe Are Free!

I don’t know about the rest of you but this blue collar worship leader is always on the lookout for FREE resources! But I also try to maintain really high standards regarding what I’m willing to place on the screen Sunday.  I’ve noticed a great trend lately of more and more artists creating cool, high quality stuff.  And more and more of them seem willing to share their work with the rest of us for free. I want to share some of what I’ve found…maybe it’ll save you some hours of sifting through haystacks!

Here are 4 Cross Backgrounds that I love. 2 are stills, 2 are motions.

STILL (I still believe in stills–see what I did there???–there are some things a photo or image can say that really can’t be captured by motion):

This is great artistry! This slide would work great behind the lyrics of “In Christ Alone” or “Jesus Messiah”…cross-oriented songs with more positive-feeling music. (Click the image to visit original site with download option)



I use images like this one behind songs like “Lead Me to the Cross” and “Sweetly Broken” or I’ve got a minor-y arrangement of “There Is a Fountain” that works, too. (Click the image to visit original site with download option)




Easter4 from SECCWorshipTech on Vimeo.

I’ve actually been using that one as the background for a countdown to our worship service.

Wonderful Cross background (LOOP) from SECCWorshipTech on Vimeo.

I used that one with “Worthy Is the Lamb” not that long ago.


Hope some of this was helpful! Feel free to share your favorite free cross backgrounds with us.



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