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Posted on Dec 20, 2013 in Resources, Worship Ministry | 0 comments

Empower Your Church to Be Worship Leaders This Christmas

The average family Christmas gathering… Maybe you head to grandma’s house. Suddenly the house is louder and busier than it’s been all year. Maybe there’s laughter, maybe some tears, probably some eye rolling, doubtless some grandkids will get in trouble for some mischief. You eat till your full. Then you eat some more. Then you have dessert. Of course, presents must be opened and soon trash bags will be bulging with paper and packaging. That about covers it, right?


Christmas is one of the most worship-full holidays of the year but most of the families in your church will completely miss the point. No one will read the Christmas story. The grandkids won’t act out the nativity scene. The family won’t take time to reflect together on what God’s done in their lives that year. Prayers won’t be prayed except maybe in thanks for ham. Christmas songs won’t be sung.

Probably because no one ever taught them how. And that’s something we’ve been trying to work on at our church. For instance, this year we’ll hand out a devotional guide (purchased in bulk) at our Christmas event that we’ll ask people to use with their families. But I want to share with you an easy, free homemade way of engaging your families better.  If not this year, maybe next!

1. Make Your Own Christmas Devotional Guide
My wife & I prepared one a few years back that led people to the Christmas story and gave them some discussion & prayer options to choose from.  I’m a big believer in offering a few choices in devotionals like this because every family context is so drastically different.  We passed this out just before Christmas that year and asked individuals to consider asking their families to participate:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

2. Make Your Own Christmas Worship Video
It should be simple: Lyrics and singable melodies. Not too many families can put on their Mariah Carey Christmas album and sing along! So choose some comfortably lowered keys for some classic Christmas worship songs.  Then record yourself or your band singing them. Then pair it with the lyrics in any basic movie editing software and upload it to your website’s media player or a site like YouTube or Vimeo.  I’ll show you what I whipped together in a hurry a couple of years ago (I’d really like to update it…can’t believe how fast my standards seem to shift. What was good enough then doesn’t seem good enough now!):


Share other ideas with us! And if you can’t do something this year with Christmas so near, set a reminder to get it done next year.

Photo credit: JSmith Photo / / CC BY-ND

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