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Posted on Aug 17, 2013 in Leadership, Resources, Worship Ministry | 0 comments

What Does Your Church Need to Be Hearing from Their Worship Leader?

We all know communication is huge in leadership! So in the spirit of self-improvement a couple years ago, I decided to take inventory of who I needed to be communicating with on a regularly basis outside of  ordinary ministry settings. Did I have a good communication strategy? Did I have one at all??


To evaluate, I first asked this question: “What is expected of pastors around me?” Our youth pastor is expected to communicate regularly with both his students and his adult leaders. And our lead pastor is expected to communicate with the leadership of the church and with the church, itself, regularly. In both of these cases, ministry leaders are expected to communicate both with the people they are ministering with and the people they are ministering to. And not just on Sunday mornings! Next question…

So why don’t we expect the same thing from worship pastors and leaders? I had been fulfilling the perceived expectation that I should communicate regularly with my team of worship ministry volunteers. But why shouldn’t I also communicate with those I minister to–the whole church? I’ve never heard of a worship leader being expected to maintain regular communication with a congregation but, if it’s healthy for other pastors/leaders of the church to communicate with those they minister to, why not worship pastors and leaders, too??? That led me to my final question…

What could a worship pastor possibly have to say to whole congregation outside of Sunday morning? Since I’ve never seen it done, this certainly put my limited brain power to the test! :) My brainstorm yielded themes like unity, corporate worship, why we sing the songs we sing, plumbing deeper into what we sing, encouraging them to “practice” for our times of corporate worship.

This series of questions led to the creation of an eNewsletter “from the worship pastor’s desk” that I titled One Voice. Here’s an example (and you can CLICK HERE to right-click and download an image file of the logo I created for it…feel free to use it!):

Download (PDF, 49KB)

Also, check out some quick communication tips before you type out your first message! Does your worship ministry have a strategy for communicating with your whole church?



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