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Posted on Jun 18, 2013 in Leadership, Resources, Worship Ministry | 0 comments

What Does Your Worship Ministry Value?

Awhile back, our church went hog-wild writing official statements.  Remember the statements craze of the early 2000’s? If you were going to lead something effectively, you needed to have official value statements, purpose statements, mission statements, vision statements, goal statements…and the list could keep right on going.  I’ll bet there’s not a library big enough to contain all the world’s organizational statements written back in those days!

“Statement-palooza” (as I’ll affectionately call it) initially turned me off to such statement writing as a complete waste of my time…after all, more often than not, such statements either rot in oblivion or become overused drudgery. But I’ve found worth in having a few around–especially value statements–to help hold myself and my ministry accountable to what we believe is most important.


How do I use value statements?

  • I communicate and review them once a year with the team. I don’t even actually expect them to remember or get that much out of it. Mostly I just want it to serve as a reminder that we do have values… There’s something both reassuring and responsibility-inducing about knowing that.
  • We incorporate them into the regular “why’s” behind the things we do or require. Why do we require you to be at practice to play on Sunday??? For one, we value excellence.  Boom!
  • I check in on them personally or with my leadership core now and again to evaluate what values I might need to heat up.  Bill Hybels, in his awesome leadership book Axiom, writes:

“Leaders must figure out what values they believe should be manifested in their organizations. And then put them over the flame of a Bunsen burner by teaching on those values, underscoring them with Scripture, enforcing them, and making heroes out of the people who are living them out.”

Feel free to save yourself from “statements-palooza” and steal or just peruse our worship ministry’s value statements! We divided them into what we value about worship itself and what we value about worship ministry. Here they are in a downloadable pdf:

Download (PDF, Unknown)

See anything missing? Let me know!



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