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Posted on Aug 30, 2013 in Featured Slider, Resources, Worship Ministry | 2 comments

Why You Need Secret Worship Songs and Four of My Favorites

Disclaimer: I’m a big believer that corporate worship is king. In other words, I believe that the whole of scripture places utmost value on God’s people as community, worshipping Him in community. I can sing a song to God in my car, in my shower, in my office and that holds value but it cannot hold a candle to what happens when I sing that same song together with others in a community of believers.


Nonetheless, there are certain songs I keep to myself. Sometimes I feel selfish about that. But, as a worship leader, I find I need a few for just me and God. I don’t know about you but something happens to a song after I’ve been leading it awhile. All those times of rehearsing and leading, rehearsing and leading seem to steal the awe, the transcendent qualities it held at first.

I’m not saying I cannot or do not worship as I lead the church in a song that we’ve done many times. Those songs are just no longer what I desire to pipe through my headphones during the week. And that’s why I’ve found reserving a few worship songs for me to be a healthy practice. I need songs that I can rely on to inspire me and rejuvenate my own heart for worship.

Often, the songs I choose are ones I wouldn’t really teach our church, in the first place. Maybe they just wouldn’t make a great congregational song. Here are a few of my favorite personal secret worship songs; maybe one will resonate with you, too:

Holy (Wedding Day) by The City Harmonic

(CLICK HERE to find this song on iTunes)


Worth It All by Rita Springer

(CLICK HERE to find this song on iTunes)


Only You by David Crowder Band

(CLICK HERE to find this song on iTunes)


All the Poor and Powerless by All Sons and Daughters

(CLICK HERE to find this song on iTunes)

Do you have a favorite personal secret worship song? Share!


  1. Good stuff, Neil…just did about 2400 miles in the car…music permeated my spirits and made the intercessory prayer time blissful.

    • Thanks! So thankful for God’s giving us music :)

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