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Posted on Jul 25, 2013 in Leadership, Worship Ministry | 0 comments

6 Essential Worship Ministry Prayers for You and Your Team

One day I caught myself typing an email to my worship ministry members that essentially said: Be sure to take time to pray for our worship ministry and church. As I typed those words I thought, “What, specifically, am I asking them to pray?” That was the ah-ha! moment when I realized the all-to-frequent gap in the ministry world’s obsessive prescribing of prayer: We fail to include instructions.


Imagine receiving an Rx from your local pharmacy–something you’ve never taken with some name you can’t pronounce–and you’re unable to find any instructions on how much to take, how often…nothing. You call the pharmacist and ask but he just says, “Yep, that’s good stuff, be sure to use it and it’ll clear you right up!” “But….” *click* That’s all.

So on that day, I set out to amend my ways and give my team some specific direction on what to pray. As it turned out, the person it benefited the most was me. Now I was finally clear on some things I need to praying specifically for! It came out like this:

  1. Pray for your own role in our worship ministry. Are you a singer? Pray that God would help you sing in such a way that would point people to Him. Pray about where you need to improve. Thank Him for His gifting. Are you a drummer? Pray that He’d save your soul…. HA! Just had to have a little fun at the expense of the drummers :)
  2. Pray that God would search your heart and motives. God, am I doing this for the right reasons…not for the spotlight or because I just love music? Then listen.
  3. Pray for your individual teammates and our team as a whole, that we would continue to work together well with a spirit of unity and encouragement. A tumultuous relational atmosphere is a huge distraction. And why would God want to use a bunch of bickering fools? Fools, yes for some unknown reason. But bickering fools, well….
  4. Pray that God would continue to have His hand in our ministry. With each passing year, I’m more convinced that a worship ministry’s effectiveness relies entirely on the Holy Spirit. Without fail, the week I think everything was awful is the week someone approaches me with heartfelt thanks for the way our ministry impacted their life that day. Only God!
  5. And pray for our church, that they would grow in the knowledge and worship of our God. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a church grow in their sincerity, passion, and understanding in corporate worship. You and I can teach but we need the Holy Spirit to change hearts.

So I pray those each week now and send them back out to my team from time-to-time. Since then, I’ve also added a sixth “top secret” prayer specific to me as the leader of our ministry:

6. Holy Spirit, help me to lead with vision and guidance from You. Because we all know where this thing will end up if it’s just up to me.

Do you have specific prayers that you value in your life/ministry?



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